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About Us

Our Story

The benefits of exercise and fitness are well documented and finding the right kind of gym that works for you is essential in ensuring that your fitness goals are met.

At FIT Republic we have gone that extra mile to ensure you have the best facilities and programs available to suit your goals now and into the future. Our purpose is to inspire our members to be better.

Proprietors Barry and Angie Johnston have led the region’s health and fitness industry for over 30 years. FIT Republic in its current form was established in 2009 and is clearly their flagship, it is a result of decades of continuous service to the local community.

So if you want to increase your strength with a weights session in the gym, enhance your energy levels with our popular Group Fitness classes, or take your fitness to the next level with our Martial Arts program or moveSKILL classes, FIT Republic brings you the best that the fitness industry has to offer.

Along with the choice of quality services and facilities, FIT Republic provides a range of flexible and affordable memberships to ensure you get value for your money, because everyone deserves healthy, vibrant life. So with a wealth of choices, great value and the best staff to keep you motivated FIT Republic Fits With You.