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Coach Check


In today’s martial arts industry, it is not uncommon for unqualified and inadequately experienced individuals to invent their ownmartial art system and begin teaching martial arts for the sake of profit or perceived social standing. They award “themselves” a senior ranking that the average consumer find’s difficult to disprove and then they masquerade in their communities as an expert instructor when in fact they put the community (especially children) at risk. Fortunately for the industry these days are slowly but surely coming to an end thanks to “Coach Check”

At Bendigo Mixed Martial Arts Academy recognize how important it is to ensure that all instructors are correctly and independently vetted through “Coach Check” as “fit and proper persons.”

When a coach is registered through “Coach Check,” you can rest assured that the person who is training you or your child has been verified against the following criteria.

Background check – Full police check and or Working with Children Check

Education – Nationally recognized qualifications or undertaken equivalent training

Legitimate grade or belt level – all grades need to be verified as legitimate

Current First aid and evidence of continuing education.

Before you sign up to any martial arts program, we encourage you to search the instructor registration status on