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Weapons (Kobudo)

Traditional martial arts weapons training is also referred to as “Kobudo.” As a rule, Kobudo weapons primarily consist of “Bo” (long staff), Jo (short stick), Sai (Trident), Nunchaku (jointed sticks), Tonfa (stick with handle)

Teshinkai Karate have adopted the Arnis Baston and Traditional Bo as its waepons of choice.

Kobudo have a solid following of people that are interested in the art form as a physical fitness and body strengthening regime that also allows the practitioner to extend their knowledge in traditional martial arts as an interest of hobby.

Normally undertaken by Karate exponent as an extension to their Karate training, Kobudo is physically demanding, it requires perseverance and commitment to acquire the skills that allow the practitioner to stand out in awe to others. Kobudo is highly recommended to practicing martial artists wanting to undertake an artform that is intense in its energy, challenging in nature, and addictive as a pastime.