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Womens Self Defence


We believe we have developed the most effective Bendigo’s women’s self-defense classes not just in Bendigo but on the planet itself. Our intuitive self defence classes offered at our Bendigo mixed martial arts academy. We are eager to share it with as many of women or the fairer gender as possible. Why? It’s simple. You must know the benefits and advantage self defence class offers!

Based on our expertise in a broad cross-section of martial art systems as well as our director’s 20 plus years working in the security industry and training security guards, we feel these classes and courses has the necessary ingredients and offers the benefits of making any female feel much safer and more confident out there.

It’s a tough world and it’s getting tougher. You owe it to yourself, your child and a loved one to at least understand the basics of self defence. Don’t expect jumping hook kicks or movie stunt action, the lessons and courses imparted in our centre is about simple, but effective strategies and actions that may save a women’s life.

This is something we at our Bendigo centre believe in telling all adult women, teens, kids, and any female out there to not leave your fate to chance. You need to be prepared, you need to take this women’s self defence training class at our mixed martial arts academy. The lessons are an advantage to not just women but adults, kids, teenagers and any child should take advantage of this self-defense course. More so, this course should not be attended to just once but you should learn the self defence program till such time you experience MUSHIN (without thought)


This course is a series of 10 x 1hr lessons that we hope all adults, teens, will continue to do until such time that you feel empowered.

Any adult, teen or teenager or children who enrol will learn a series of self defence strategies for dealing with confronting situations ranging from simple bullying that any teen or kids are subject to these days. The course includes the art of learning of how to overcome and protect against physical violence and harm.

At our Bendigo’s academy, any adult, teenager or children and women who enrol will learn self defence techniques that can inflict temporary shock like pain, all the way to crippling, incapacitating injury.


You will learn to stand up for yourself in all kinds of situations. You will learn how to avoid confrontation and ultimately you will learn how to hit hard and incapacitate someone. In time confidence will build and for children’s wellbeing and confidence boosting, this self-defense course is ideal.


We teach you to defend yourself from bullying and harassment, potential conflict, verbal assault, physical assault, and explain consequences of actions you may take in the eyes of the law.

We will guide you to be the best you can be in life threatening situations.


We do not make false promises that you will be invincible or bulletproof. Proficiency comes from repeated practice and even then, there are no guarantees! We want you to know and understand the importance of avoiding all potential conflicts and understanding the importance of “flight over fight!”